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is the first-ever on-line law consultant in Thailand. It provides valuable answers and guidelines on legal matters that you need to know in your business planning, research, or academic pursuit. Any investment or commercial decisions had better be governed by applicable laws of Thailand. Laws themselves are many and varied, and all juristic persons or individuals need to deal with one type of law or another. can assist you and give you the answers that you seek without having to come to Thailand personally.

THAILAW.COM services are directed particularly at:

  • Investors, who wish to make investment in Thailand and need to be equippted with basic knowledge about the laws of Thailand.
  • Business Executives, who are planing to co-operate with Thai companies or to manage multi-national corporations in South-East Asia.
  • Legal and Accounting Staff, who wish to consolidate corporate financial statements of all affiliates in Southeast Asia.
  • Students and Academics, who are doing research work on law issues.
  • Individuals, who are encountering implications of any law.